Week 27: New Task, Familiar Block

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are doing well.  As I mentioned last week, this week my something new was to draw some illustrations for the story I wrote last week.  Now, I didn’t expect to create master works of art immediately.  I figured I’d sit down, sketch out some ideas, then refine and edit them from there.  Basically, I figured it would follow the same process as writing and editing the story.  However, what I found was that every time I sat down to draw, I basically faced the illustrator’s version of writer’s block.

One would think, or at least I thought, that since I already had the story written, and had images in my head, sketching them would be relatively easy.  Nope.  Not the case.  I did make some sketches, and I still have the images in my head, but when I try to translate those images to actual drawings, I stumble.  Suddenly, the image in my head becomes fuzzy and in some cases, evaporates completely as I try to draw it.  It’s almost like when I was writing, I had a very far away view of what was going on, then when I tried to draw it up close, I realized there was a lot I couldn’t see.

That’s not to say it’s all bad.  Like I said, I did draw, and much like I often find with writing, the more I forced myself to draw, the more I was able to see my vision.  I also got some new ideas that were not part of my original vision as I was fiddling around with my drawings.  Not to mention ideas I hope to use in future alphabet stories.  For example: H and I are very friendly and very close neighbors, X feels a little left out since he doesn’t get to start many words, and J and K are best friends and quite the pranksters (for my fellow Harry Potter fans, think along the lines of Fred and George Weasley).  I haven’t started writing any new alphabet stories yet, but the ideas are swirling, which is always encouraging.

Hopefully next week I will have some more progress, as well as another something new to report.  See ya!


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