Week 25: A New Writing Space

Wow!  Finally caught up with myself again!  I am very excited about that, and will do my absolute best to ensure that it never happens again.  Next week’s something new is an effort to help prevent something like this from ever happening again.  But more on that next week after I’ve actually tried it.

This week my something new is a small one designed to help provide me with an area of focus.  Now, I am not one who believes that a writer is required to have a dedicated writing space.  I believe if you want one great, if you don’t, also great.  Personally, when I am in the mood and have an idea, I can write anywhere, especially since I downloaded the Word app to my phone, I really have no excuse (except a dead phone battery and no paper and pens/pencil of course).  However, I still find myself not writing all too frequently, even when I have to time to.  I’ll sit on the couch or lay in bed with my computer/ phone/ notebook in front of me and proceed to not write.  Why, I don’t know, but it’s frustrating.

This past week the drive to get up to date with this blog was my motivation for daily writing.  Now that I’ve caught up, I want to continue writing daily, but I know myself, and without a deadline, I will fall into my old habit of putting it off and never writing, if I am not careful.  Therefore, what I decided to do this week was create a dedicated writing space for myself.  It’s nothing fancy.  I just cleared a space on one side of my dining room table (which is never actually used for dining), put my laptop down and decided whenever I sit there, the only thing I can do is write.  If I am working on a story and need to do some research, I can go on the internet for a couple minutes, but only to do research, no Facebook, no Instagram, no texting, no mindless web-surfing, I’m not even letting myself listen to music when I am in this space.

The hope is that by dedicating myself a writing space, I will program my mind to be in writing mode whenever I sit there.  The goal of course being more productive writing sessions resulting in completed stories.  Ideally, once my brain is programmed to write daily, the ideas and inspiration will flow more frequently throughout the entire day since my mind will be more open to them from my work in this space.  Then I will write more even when I’m not in my writing spot.  I might be getting a little ahead of myself there, but my dream is still to be a published, full-time author.  I know right now I am a long way from that, but every little step counts, and this my latest step.


2 thoughts on “Week 25: A New Writing Space

  1. Great post. I completely sympathise with this. Even when I deliberately carve out time for myself to write, it seems impossible to get the brain to work. I’ve tried different writing ‘spaces’ and read dozens of books on how to write. I’m slowing coming to the conclusion it doesn’t matter where you are, what your prewriting routine is, you just have to write. No matter how painful it is!


    1. Thank you! I 100% agree on how difficult it can be to get the brain in sync with your writing intentions, and with the fact that it really doesn’t matter. What I’m finding as I force myself to start writing something every day, every now and then an idea will stick and it becomes fun again. So definitely stick with it and keep writing no matter how tough it seems some days!

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