Week 24: Haircuts and Baseball

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are doing well, trying new things and doing well. This week my something new was a simple one, and technically something I’ve done before, yet still something that makes me anxious whenever the time comes to do it.  This week my something new was a new haircut, and in this case, not just a trim, but a little change in style as well.

I knew I needed a haircut, I have for quite some time, yet I kept putting it off because I’m always nervous I’m going to go, get it cut, and for whatever reason hate it afterwards, then be forced to live with it until my hair finally grows back.  There are many reasons I might hate my new hairstyle, maybe there was a communication breakdown and either I didn’t explain what I wanted properly, or the stylist misunderstood.  Maybe it’s cut perfectly, but I discover that I absolutely hate what I thought I wanted, or maybe my hair just refuses to stay a styled, so it looks great when I leave the salon that day, but then I can never get it to look that way again.  See?  Tons of thins could go wrong, and as a result, I usually end up putting off a new haircut much longer than I should, resulting in dry hair with split ends.  Not a good look either.

So, this week, I finally went to the salon and got it done.  There was a minor communication mix-up, but thankfully it had nothing to do with my hair cut or style.  The stylist executed those perfectly.  The issue was I wanted the regular shampoo, cut and dry, but she thought I just asked for the cut and dry.  I’m new to this salon, so at first I thought it just worked differently.  But by the end, when my hair had been cut and partially dried, I asked “aren’t we going to wash it?” and the misunderstanding was resolved.  I am happy to report that so far, I love my new haircut.  Yay!

I also mentioned baseball in the title of this post, and in this case, it wasn’t the activity that was new, it was just the players I was watching.  Baseball is my favorite sport, and the Yankees are my favorite team.  However, they are on the other side of the country, so since I moved, the Angels became my number two team and the Dodgers round out the top three.  This week it just so happened that the Yankees were in town to play the Angels, so I got to go to the games.  So much fun.  Normally when I go to Angels Stadium, I am wearing some form of Angels gear, either a hat or a shirt, and I bring my rally monkey with me just in case.  But that all changes when the Yankees are in town.  When they come, I’m wearing my Mariano Rivera hat, a Yankee shirt, I bring my Yankee jacket, and the rally monkey stays at home.

Sadly, the Yankees lost two out of three games, but I finally got to see some of the new players in person, and it has me excited for the future.  The most exciting to the fans was definitely Aaron Judge.  Many fans stood up every time he came to bat, which I understand when it’s the 8th or 9th inning and the game is on the line, but in the earlier innings I think it adds unnecessary pressure to him, and more importantly, annoys those of us who are vertically challenged because then we can’t see.  So, to the fans who stand up every time Judge steps up to the plate, unless his hit is going to tie or win us the game, sit your butt down!

On a more amusing note, there were many people dressed in judge costumes, with the black robes and white wigs.  I thought it was hilarious, and a fun way for fans to show their love and support of the rookie.  My mom however thought that adults dressing up like that was ridiculous, and something that should be left to kids and teenagers.  I tried to make a point that it was just people having fun, but she wasn’t buying it.  Just to add some perspective, I wear my mini mouse ears when I go to a Disney theme park and would be totally willing to dress up like a wizard with my friends if we were going to the Wizarding World or Harry Potter.  Maybe it’s a generational thing, who knows.  Anyway, despite the two losses, I had a great time.  I’m looking forward to going back next month to see the Angels play the Red Sox with my rally monkey in tow!


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