Week 20: A New Alarm

Hello everyone!  This week’s entry goes to show I’m playing catch-up in many areas of my life at the moment.  This week was the first time I tried using my oven since I moved back into my home.  I’ve already asserted in previous entries that I am no cook, in fact, unless I am baking a cake or making fudge I find cooking to be rather stressful.  But that’s just me.  Still, this week I wanted to make myself some simple baked chicken breast for lunch.  It’s simple enough, throw the chicken in the pan, toss some spices over it, stick it in the oven, and hour later you have a meal.  It’s something I’ve done dozens of times.

But this time it wasn’t so simple.  I completed all the steps, except 7 minutes after I stuck it in the oven, my kitchen is filled with smoke and the alarm is going off.  Even though there was no fire, I definitely had a moment of panic when I thought the sprinklers were going to go off and I would be forced out of my home for another four months.  Thankfully that didn’t happen, I turned the oven off and unfortunately had to lose the chicken.  But the smoke went away and the alarms stopped, so in the grand scheme of things all is fine.

Except that now I’m afraid to use my oven.  I don’t know where the smoke came from because that’s never happened to me before.  My only thought is that drywall dust from when they were cutting my walls open could have gotten inside and caused it, but how to I get rid of that?  Unfortunately my oven is not self-cleaning, so now I have to go get some oven cleaner and see if that helps.  I’ll do it, and I’ll try again (with something small) but I’m still a little nervous that it’s going to result in a kitchen full of smoke again.  Until then I will continue eating lots of sandwiches I guess…


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