Week 17: A New Headache

This week I finally began the process of moving back into my actual condo.  That mean a lot of unpacking (a process which technically still isn’t complete.)  I was very excited to finally be back in my own place, but I won’t lie, the unpacking process was a major headache.  Aside from there being a lot of stuff to unpack, since I wasn’t part of the packing process, I didn’t know where anything was, and it had been done in a very rushed, disorganized manner.

The result…

  1. Many empty boxes were wrapped in plastic and then packed, and the items that should have gone in them (such as my TV, some collectible figurines) were wrapped separately in paper with so much tape around them that it was nearly impossible to open them again without breaking them.
  2. Items, including an entire plastic drawer set that went missing and have yet to be found.
  3. Items that were broken.
  4. A box of cables that were all thrown together as opposed to being packed along with the equipment they were connected to.

It was very frustrating, especially considering I managed to move across the country, then again to a new city without any of those issues occurring.  Granted, I didn’t have quite as many items in my previous moves, but still, it was hard not to get angry at the process.  I feel like if I had just been able to be a part of the packing process things would have been much more organized and that at least some of the things would not have gone missing.

I’m still working on unpacking stuff, but at this point what’s left is mostly papers and cables that I’m still figuring out where to put.  On the plus side, I had been wanting to do a Goodwill purge and having to unpack all my stuff made it a lot easier to decide what I want to keep and what it was time to say good-bye to.


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