Week 16: A New Skill

This week my something new is a work something.  Unlike Week 9 when my new role at work was required, this week the skill I learned was one I volunteered for.  Like many companies, the one I work for is in the process of consolidating workloads to increase efficiency.  In this case, they are transferring tasks from one department to another.  Considering the fact that one of my goals for the year is focused on improving efficiency, it made sense to volunteer.

It didn’t take many sessions for me to learn the basics, and by the end of the week I was doing the majority of the work on my own.  In addition to feeling extra-productive and more motivated at work, I’ve also gotten positive feedback from some of my co-workers about the change.  Now since fewer groups are involved, when changes need to happen, there’s fewer people to contact, so both the work and the communication has become more efficient.  It’s actually made work easier for me as well because I have a better understanding of what to look for and how to identify issues before they happen, and now… I know how to fix them too!  (At least some of them.)


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