Week 22: Friends, Food & Fun

No, you aren’t going crazy, and no, you didn’t miss anything.  I have just been failing my blogging duties.  I have been trying new things, and I will write about them soon but I had to write about this past week first because sometimes to help us get back on track, we have to revisit something old.

You see, one of the reasons I have fallen so far behind is from a combination of laziness and lack of motivation stemming from loneliness.  Like many people, I find that too often I let life get in the way of connecting with the people I care about, and lately it’s been weighing on me more and more to the point where the negative feelings were starting to take over.

Most of the time, I’m afraid to reach out to people because I’m worried that I’ll be inconveniencing, or annoying them somehow.  I don’t know where that fear comes from, but it’s there.  A couple months ago, I decided to face that fear because I was really missing my best friend from college.  We don’t get to talk much because in addition to living on opposite sides of the country, she has a husband and two small children.  Now that I’m at a point in my life where a lot of my friends are getting married and having children, I sometimes feel like I don’t belong anymore, like since I’m not in the same place in my life we won’t be able to connect anymore.  Again, I can’t say where this fear comes from because there is no basis for it.  Anyway, a couple months ago, I texted my friend and basically invited myself over for a few days.  To my delight she said she’d love to have me visit, so this past week I hopped a plane and flew to Virginia.

As the time for the trip grew closer I felt more and more excited.  I couldn’t wait to see her again, and to meet her kids.  I had met her older daughter when she was a few months old, but now she’s a toddler, which is entirely different and awesome.  It felt so refreshing to send time with my friend again, and the fact that there wasn’t a second of awkwardness despite how long it had been since we last saw each other made me happier and more thankful than I can express.  Our lives may have changed, but the friendship definitely hasn’t suffered, and this week it was the basis for my making some new friends, trying some new food and having a lot of fun!

First, we’ll talk new friends, we’ll call them Miss A and Miss H.  I have always loved being around little kids, they are so much fun to play with and talk to.  The imagination of a child frees my mind.  It’s like all the overthinking habits that invade every other aspect of my life disappear when interacting with kids.  It’s awesome.  Prior to my visit, I was nervous that Miss A would be shy and afraid of me.  Thankfully, that feeling lasted about 5 minutes, until she asked if I wanted to draw with her.  The moment we started drawing, I made a new best friend.  Over the next few days we invented some new games: ‘I’m stuck’, ‘fall down’, and ‘you disappeared’ to name a few.  I was also treated to some new purple body art on both my arms for my birthday.  Miss H isn’t old enough to talk, but she can smile and laugh with the best of them.  She loved playing peek-a-boo, getting tickled and hearing me pretend to have the hiccups.   She might be too young to remember me, but I’ll certainly remember her.

The second new thing for this week was some new food.  As I mentioned earlier, this visit occurred the week of my birthday, and birthdays mean cake.  Cake is always fun, but when your friend is the Goodie Godmother, you’re in for an extra special treat.  (If you like food and/or cooking, you should check out her blog http://goodiegodmother.com/) For my birthday, she treated me to an awesome hot chocolate cake topped with the biggest marshmallows I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, they were like the size of my fist!  It was so cool seeing how she worked to put together the recipe, of course taste testing it was awesome, and I honestly could have just eaten scoops of the frosting it was so good.  I’m not much of a cook, but I’ll definitely have to try to make that cake myself sometime in the future.

Last but not least, there we did a bunch of fun things during my visit.  For me the most memorable was when we went to the National Zoo.  We got to see lots of animals, including a lion, a tiger, pandas, and elephants.  My favorite was when we were watching the sea lions, Miss A was running back and forth next to the glass and one of the sea lions was following her back and forth, she was thrilled and it was so cute.

I could go on and on about how much fun I had visiting my friend and her family.  Even though it was short, I flew home feeling refreshed, motivated and happy.  Mostly, I left feeling more confident about reaching out to the people I care about.  Everyone can get busy and it’s easy for life to get in the way, but hopefully moving forward I won’t hesitate so much to reach out, if only to let the people in my life know I’m thinking about them.


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