Week 11: A New Remedy

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are doing well.  In this entry, we get to the reason why I fell so far behind with my blogging after my vacation.  The simple reason is, I got sick.  Now, you would think what got me sick was being on a cruise ship with thousands of strangers who may or may not follow good hygiene practices.  We all know how quickly germs and viruses can spread in closed quarters.  However, considering that I was fine the two days after I got back, I believe in this case the culprit behind my sickness was my brother.  He was in town just for a couple days to go to a shower for his friend who is getting married, but he was also getting over a cold.  I’m guessing the mistake I made was giving him a couple high-fives when he, my mom and I were playing a card game because the next day I woke up feeling like crap.

It probably would have been smart for me to stay home from work that day, but I didn’t want it to look like I was just extending my vacation, so I went in, everyone could see how sick I was, and then I called out the next two days and stayed in bed hardly able to breathe with my nose stuffed and throat all closed up.  I did go to the doctor and got the good news that I did not have strep throat (yay!) however that meant instead of getting antibiotics, I just had to wait it out (boo!).  To help dull the agony of waiting it out, they gave me medicine for my throat.  That was my something new for this week, because it wasn’t a regular pill or liquid that you swallow.  This one was a thick gooey liquid that I had to measure out, then gargle.  Basically, all it did was make my throat and mouth completely numb for a while.  It felt exactly the way Novocaine feels when the dentist uses it before a filling.  It was weird.  It did nothing to make my throat better, but it did numb the pain for a while, which was nice.  Still, I’d rather not go through that again.

Even after I went back to work I was still feeling under the weather, and I could hardly speak because my throat was so blocked and I was coughing all the time.  But none of that would have stopped me from going to the writing conference the week after.  That was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world, and one I will tell you all about in my next entry.


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