Week 9: A New Role

Greetings everyone!  I apologize for being nearly a month late with this post (yikes!).  I actually had it written on schedule, and just forgot to post it before I went on vacation.  Then I got back, and as it does, life intervened.  But I’m still here, and I am going to do my best to get us back up to date because a lot of new things have happened and I am eager to share them with you all!  So, let’s get started.

So far, since I’ve started this blog, I have been the one to choose what new thing I was going to try, but that’s not always the case.  Sometimes life decides to present you with something new whether you want it or not.  Life can bring changes about in many ways.  In this case, life introduced a change at work.

As many people in the work force know, over time your job changes.  Sometimes the change is brought about by a promotion, or by you applying for a new job.  Other times, the change is brought about by a change in management, the company landscape, or a shift in the responsibilities of your role.  This week my something new is training for a new job function at work.

I can’t say I’m thrilled with this something new.  I have resisted training for this role for a long time because I do not feel it points me in the direction I want to move in my career.  However, the time has finally come where management has made it mandatory for everyone in my department to learn all the roles so I have no choice and this week I started training.  I won’t lie, a teeny tiny voice in my head wants to be terrible at this job so they will never schedule me there.  However, the louder and more logical voice in my head reminds me that I would not be able to live with the guilt of purposely doing bad at anything.  I don’t like to fail, so why would I purposely try to?  Plus, that louder voice also reminds me that if I do well now, I will hopefully have more opportunities to train in areas I actually want to be in later.

As for the training experience, it went fine.  I did learn a bit about the role and I took a bunch of notes.  Since it’s now mandatory just want to learn it and get it over with as soon as I can so I don’t have to do it often.  One thing I am thankful for its that my manager is aware of the direction I want to move in my career and he understands that this role is not it.  I have had multiple managers since I started working and I can appreciate how valuable it is to have a manager who listens and makes an effort to help you grow in the direction you want to go.  While I hate it, I understand that all jobs have parts we don’t want to do, but one thing I have learned in my life is that nothing is forever.  So, with that in mind, I will go forward, do my best, and learn this new role so I can start training in the job I want to be doing next.

Just a couple updates before I go, the temporary housing situation I wrote about in Week 3 has come to an end.  My condo is not ready yet, but I had to leave my temporary condo before going on vacation.  I enjoyed living in downtown LA again, and it was a very valuable learning experience living with my boyfriend for about two months.

Beyond that, initial feedback from the editor on the article I mentioned in week 4 is positive.  I’m looking forward to when it’s actually published with a nervous excitement.  In other writing news, progress on the book I am writing for the conference I wrote about in week 2 is slow.  I’m hoping it will speed up when I’m on vacation sitting by a pool and writing in my phone.  I also plan on skipping the part I’m on and writing a more exciting part that comes later.  Hopefully that helps, I’ll let you know.


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