Week 6: A New Floor

Hey everyone!  I hope you are doing well and trying new things when you can.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been displaced from my condo this year.  And if you haven’t been following, now you know.  This week my ‘big’ new thing was picking out the new flooring for my condo.  Technically this wasn’t my first time picking out a floor, I chose the floor for the majority of my condo when I moved in.  But what makes this experience new is that I also got to pick out flooring for my bathrooms, which I didn’t get to do when I moved in.

I wasn’t entirely alone; my mom was able to FaceTime with me to help provide input and advice since she has a lot more experience remodeling places than I do.  I still found the process a little challenging.  There were so many samples, colors, grains and sizes to choose from, and I’m not the best with decisions in general, forget about decisions that I have to see and live with every day!  I wasn’t completely lost, I liked my old floor, so I had a good idea of the color I was looking for, so that gave me a starting point.  It was also pretty easy to nix the colors I hated, right away, although the woman helping me seemed to keep suggesting them.

It probably took about half an hour to whittle the floor samples down to my top three choices.  Then, I was able to pick the top two pretty quick, but then I was a little stuck.  The colors were pretty similar, but the grain and width of the planks was different.  That is what held me up, I preferred the grain of one, but the width of the other.  Initially I was worried that the wider plank wouldn’t fit with the size of my condo.  In the end, I went with the grain I preferred because the thinner plans had a grain that just felt too busy, which as my mom suggested would end up bothering me a lot more than the width of the plank.  That made sense to me, so that was one decision down.

After that it was time to pick the floor for my bathroom.  Ironically, even though I had less of an idea of what I wanted for the bathroom, it took less time to pick options I liked.  Once again, the lady helping me kept suggesting options that I didn’t like at all, but again I found three options I liked.  I placed them all around the sample for the main part of my condo to help see what they will look like next to each other.  Picking the flooring I liked best for the bathroom was easier because one had a pattern that was too large for the size of my bathrooms and of the remaining two, one would have been far too slippery.

I won’t lie, unlike some people, I’m not wild about making decorating choices.  Like most decisions, the process stresses me out and I spend the majority of it wishing it was over.  However, having completed the stressful decision-making step, I am now excited to see what it will look like.  It will still be a while before I’m able to move back into my condo, but it’s a huge relief to have my flooring chosen.

So, it’s a new week whether big or small, I hope you all go out and experience something new.


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